Friday, July 18, 2014

Cloth For Everybum Benefit Auction July 20-28th 2014

Cloth For Everybum is an organization that aims to bring cloth to... every BUM!  They mentor families interested in using cloth diapers and provide cloth diaper lending kits to get families started.  There are already six national lending sites and Cloth for Everybum is expanding.  The exciting thing about Cloth for Everybum is that it is available for everyone.  There are no restrictions on income levels, so any interested family can apply and get mentoring to learn the how-to's of cloth diapering.

I've been working with Stacy, founder of Cloth for Everybum, as a contributor on Cloth Diaper Guru for several months.  Stacy is passionate about helping families learn to use cloth diapers, better their lives, and better the environment.  She has a real talent for sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to make the leap into cloth diapering.  We are excited to support Cloth For Everybum as it expands and continues to serve more families.  If you are interested in serving as a site manager you can apply here

Check out Cloth For EveryBum to participate in the auction for this exciting cause!

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