Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grovia Limited Edition Prints from Wee Gallery

You may have already seen the hype on Facebook: Grovia has released new limited edition prints "Up, up, and Away," and "Wild Things"!  Prints are exclusive designs from Wee Gallery and keep with their theme of high-contrast artwork. We have been long-time fans of Grovia and Wee Gallery, so I was giddy when I received limited edition prints to swoon over.  Here are some of our photos of the Pail Liner and Wet Bag that we received to review.

Limited Edition Prints are available for Purchase on July 7th! Stay tuned to Grovia's Facebook page for giveaways and excitement leading up to the release. 

Which print is your favorite?  "Up, up, and Away," or "Wild Things"?

I think she picked a favorite!  This pail liner is almost larger than a 4-yr-old! It fits 3 DAYS of cloth diapers.


  1. Wow! I love the size of this bag! My smaller bags fill up so fast!

  2. The new prints are nice :) I appreciate that two very well known companies are collaborating together to create a new product. That is an example the Industry should follow. Let's do more of that.

    That is a nice big pail liner yes! I can see how this would look nice with my current set up of a pail liner sans-garbage can. There seems to be a trend lately of putting pail liners over hampers and door knobs, for better air circulation in order to prevent ammonia. This printed pail liner is in keeping with that trend, otherwise there would be little point in a prettily printed liner that is just going to get hidden inside a pail. Smart.