Thursday, August 14, 2014

Does it work: Eco Nuts™ and the *new* Natural Ammonia Bouncer for #clothdiapers

I recently had the opportunity to try Eco Nuts™ and the Natural Ammonia Bouncer for our cloth diapers. I was already familiar with Eco Nuts from watching their pitch on Shark Tank but I was not aware that they could be used for diaper laundry. Although exited, I approached this opportunity with caution as my little one is allergic to most detergents and it’s always tricky settling into a new laundry routine. With that in mind, I set to find out whether Eco Nuts effectively cleaned our diapers.

The Eco Nuts arrived at our house with perfect timing. Our little one had outgrown the small diapers and we had just gotten a shipment of new diapers that needed to be preped for daycare. A perfect opportunity to test the Eco Nuts and the Natural Ammonia Bouncer.

Eco Nuts aren’t nuts at all, they are actually berries and are only referred to as “nuts” because the dried shell looks like a nut. These dried berry shells contain saponin, a natural surfactant that functions as a natural detergent. Saponin works by penetrating the fibers to lift dirt and stains allowing them to be carried away with the water during the rinse cycle. Eco Nuts harvests their soap berries from wild Sapindus mukorossi trees grown without chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. Eco Nuts also have a proprietary USDA-certified organic sterilization process before the de-seeded nuts are packaged for distribution.

We do have very hard water where we live so we had to run a few loads to optimize our laundry routine. The Eco Nuts staff was very helpful during this process and their website has excellent information about laundry science. I started by doing a cold prewash with a bit of Washing Soda, a cheaper alternative to Calgon that helps with the hard water. I then added the cloth bag with 5 Eco Nuts and washed the diapers on a hot cycle. The hot water helps release more saponin and makes soiled clothing easier to clean. Once a week I also added 2 tablespoons of Eco Nuts Ammonia Bouncer to help prevent ammonia buildup.

The first thing I noticed about using Eco Nuts was that our diapers were very soft and fluffy. The saponin helps loosen the fibers allowing the fabric to remain absorbent, even after many washes. The second thing I noticed was the lack of smell. Clean diapers smelled like nothing, no ammonia or lingering BM smells. We had residual BM stains that easily disappeared after sunning the diapers for a few hours. Finding the Eco Nuts bag in the washing machine was never a problem either since I straighten out all our diapers before transferring to the drier.

Thanks to Eco Nuts my daughter’s cloth diapers are clean, soft, as well as smell and stain-free. Eco Nuts were also great for my daughter’s sensitive skin. For environment-conscious moms like me, Eco Nuts are a perfect organic, renewable and green option for cloth diaper laundry.

 Eco Nuts™ and the Natural Ammonia Bouncer are available from a variety of retailers and you can now find them at Kelly's Closet!  Get a 100-load package of Eco Nuts for only $9.95!

Agnes Lenagh is a scientist by training, a free thinker by design, and a bohemian soul by nature. She is committed to pursuing the passions that inspire her while taking non-conventional approaches to accomplish a meaningful life. Visit Bohemian Nevertheless, where she documents her bohemian approach to life and methods to live a simpler and more substantial life. @SilverAntigen.  

Disclosure: All opinions in this post are my own. Green Team Distribution provided a free box of Eco Nuts and a bottle of Ammonia Bouncer for us to review.


  1. Thanks for the review! I always wondered about these "nuts" :-)