Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Haven't you Heard? This Hip Mom is "Changing Diapers"! #BookReview

Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering.  Despite being a 4-year cloth diapering mom, I only recently received a copy of this book.  Green Team Distribution graciously provided a copy after I decided that the time had come: I needed to see what the buzz was over this book!

This pocket-sized, cloth diapering "how-to" book was a fun read and something that got me excited about cloth diapering all over again.  When I started cloth diapering I was totally overwhelmed by all the information I found on the internet.  I couldn't tell a prefold from a fitted, and I was terrified of "folding" anything.  Changing Diapers explains the How, Why, and What of cloth diapering and Kelly Wels does it in an easy and fun way.  This is a must-have for moms who are new to cloth diapers and trying to get a feel for where to start.  But, its also a fun addition for a cloth diaper "expert" whom wants to revisit the basics and have a handy book to share with a friend or family member.  I'm definitely adding a few loaner books to my stash.

My favorite thing about this book was that it was easy to pick up and flip through because there were so many beautiful photos and diagrams.  I loved the diagrams that grabbed your attention and showed you exactly how to stuff a pocket diaper, or what "One Size" really means. My attention was pulled to a graphic depicting that I will change 5000-8000 diapers from my baby's birth through his potty training (wow!  That's a lot!).  I couldn't imagine throwing 5000+ disposable diapers into the trash.  My husband jokingly suggested "What if you bought 5,000 cloth diapers?" I took that as a challenge! The pictures of fluffy diapers in this book were adorable as well.  You'll see a great shot of the artisan series from BumGenius as well as a variety of cloth diaper styles in action (even wool!).

Reading through this book was an absolute pleasure, but my favorite part was definitely the  section about Cloth Diapers and Dads. It was refreshing to hear perspectives from dads--tips, tricks, and great stories!  It was humorous and informative.  The moms weren't left out because there were many stories sprinkled throughout the book that gave perspectives from women. I felt like I was sitting in on a casual conversation with some of my closest friends.

Naturally, this book is intended to be a starting point and not a do-all-end-all guide to cloth diapers.  Kelly fully acknowledges that there is more information available and she references several websites where you can go to get more details or answers to specific questions-- one of which is the Kelly Wels blog, where you may have already seen us blogging.

This is a great read and it's a book that I love to pick up and just flip through.  I find myself fighting my daughter for it at times because she also love to open it and look at all the nice pictures.  I like to think I'm helping to make the next generation of hip moms! Pick up your own copy--on sale at Kelly's Closet (aff link)!

Disclosure: Green Team Distribution provided a copy of this book for us to review.  We were not required to publish a review or publish a positive review. These opinions are my own.

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