Friday, August 1, 2014

Urgent Need for Cloth Diapers in Columbus, OH

Babies in Columbus, OH need our help.  Diaper Connection is a non-profit organization that provides diapers to families in need.  A few nights ago, a fellow blogger and friend lamented that her organization was struggling to meet the needs in her community.

"Our local cloth diaper charity is in desperate need for more diapers. We have 10 people on a waiting list. We started a GoFundMe event and have our [diaper] swap lined up for the fall but in the end, we just need more diapers. Any ideas for us?" ~Melanie

They just needed more diapers.  I thought for a little while--I had some extra (new) diapers that I could send, but I wanted to do more.  The organization needs to raise $3,000 to provide cloth diapers to the families on the waiting list.  That was when my husband and I decided to get the ball rolling: we offered to match any donations (up to $500) that were made through August 12th (my birthday).  It would be a birthday gift to myself and mean our kids probably weren't going to be enrolled in swimming lessons for the fall.  However, I jut felt that we needed someone to jump in and say, "This is really important!!" and to show that the cloth diapering community rallies around families in need. 

I was astounded when the $500 match was met in under 24 hrs and another generous donor contributed $1,000 to the cause!  This means that we are so close to meeting the $3,000 goal!  We need help to get there and to provide cloth diapers to all 10 families currently waiting for help.  If you can make any donations, small or big, it makes a huge difference. 

All donations are fully tax deductible.  If you want to make a monetary donation and help meet the $3,000 goal you can donate through their GoFundMe page.  If you have new or used diapers to donate, visit Diaper Connection's Donation page for more information. 

Let's get these babies into cloth diapers and show struggling families that they are important and very welcomed into our cloth diapering community.  We CAN meet the $3,000 goal, so let's get this done!

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