Monday, August 18, 2014

Wash FuzziBunz #clothdiapers every day? This mom says, "No Way!"

FuzziBunz has finally (hopefully) entered a stage of consistency.  The company I fell in love with in 2010 struggled with major issues: delaminating diapers, inconsistency in sizes, and different releases of "new and improved" products.  The consumer was left feeling a bit frustrated.  I still love my FuzziBunz "One size" diapers I bought in 2010 (Hey, we're still using the covers!), but the FuzziBunz Elite was just bad news. Now, the company is under new ownership and consistency is key: they spent a year testing the diapers, redesigned the product, and have quality control measures in place.  I'm excited to see FuzziBunz digging back out of the trenches!

Although I haven't gotten a chance to view the new diapers in person, I'm disappointed in the recommendations for washing and care of the FuzziBunz diapers.  The website recommends washing diapers DAILY.  What. What??  As a mom who has cloth diapered two kids and has about 4 yrs of cloth diapering "expertise," I could never imagine daily washing being reasonable for my lifestyle.  Now, there was a time when we had a very limited supply of diapers and, then, I washed the diapers nightly because we did not have enough to go two days between washing.  It was a headache and I was looking for every chance to get more diapers and stretch the time between each load of laundry.  I asked for cloth diapers for my birthday because it was just that rewarding to not have to slave over the washing machine every day (spoiled? yes, we did have access to a washer and dryer--and it was still difficult to find time to get this chore done).

I am extremely worried that this overzealous washing recommendation will deter new parents from even trying cloth diapers. I already hear people saying, "This sounds like way too much work!"  When I did the flats and handwashing challenge, I estimated that for each day of using cloth diapers (instead of disposables), I was saving about $2.30. Now, if we factor in washing diapers (in a machine) then we need to consider additional use of detergent, energy to run the washer/dryer, and the value of my time.  Suddenly this daily savings really gets eaten into.  I may even be questioning if it's worth it to cloth diaper (Maybe it would cost me more?). 

I have always washed my cloth diapers every 2-3 days and have no issues with them.  I do agree that microfiber cloth diapers can be a real challenge because they seem to hold onto odor and are more difficult to maintain.  After using microfiber exclusively for our first child, we decided to use natural fibers for our second child.  Regardless, you can maintain microfiber by using a sound washing routine and a good detergent.  We did have to strip our diapers in Oxiclean a few times when we lived in an area with extremely hard water, but we had a very good experience with the microfiber diapers and the 2-3 day wash routine.

Hopefully FuzziBunz will come around and realize that the daily laundry recommendation is too stringent and too time consuming.  Many people rinse their diapers with a cloth diaper sprayer (aff link) if they are concerned about the diapers sitting for too long before laundering.  Rinsing can be incredibly helpful for overnight diapers because they contain the most amount of liquids.  I would be more likely to accept a daily spritz with the diaper sprayer than a full-fledged washing routine.  For parents sending cloth diapers to daycare, they are already emptying diapers nightly and it would be simple to add an extra rinse to the urine-soaked diapers too.  Or, FuzziBunz can just accept that cloth diapering parents are really busy and we need a solution that works well with a 2-3 day laundry routine.

What are your thoughts?  What is your laundry routine?

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  1. There is no way I would wash every day!! And it would have deterred me from trying cloth diapers if I had thought it were necessary. I wash every third day, use the recommended amount of Tide HE in my front loader, and have never had a single issue. I wonder if they are recommending soaps instead of good detergent, so they are pushing every day to combat ammonia and barnyard stink instead of recommending good detergent to start with.

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