Monday, September 15, 2014

#DIY Basement Clothes Line

Line drying seems to be somewhat of a forgotten method, but it's really convenient and good for your clothing!  My husband installed a simple clothes line in our basement and we use it all the time.  We line dry all our cloth diapers, jeans, and sports apparel.  I wanted to share some pictures of our indoor clothes line to help give you ideas about how you can install your own indoor line.

We upcycled some old 1X4 boards, but these can be purchased from a hardware store.  On one wall, we were able to attach an 18 inch board horizontally across the exposed wall studs. If you have a finished wall, knock on the wall to find the studs.  You must attach your board directly to the wall studs. Our opposite wall was more challenging because the wall is mostly unfinished. To work this wall, we cut two 2X 4 boards to 31 inches long.  These were secured to wall studs at the floor joists.  We secured another 18" 1X4 board across these boards.

The clothes line cord was purchased from Home Depot for under $10 and we had quite a bit left over from the project.  We attached eye hooks to the horizontal board and knotted the clothes line TIGHTLY around the hooks. You can purchase clothes line tighteners which are little more expensive, but make the knots prettier.  We haven't had any issues with the clothes lines sagging, but you do need to make the knots very tight if you use the eye hook method.

The final height of our clothes line is 6 ft 6 inches.  This is perfect for our family (me,  5'6" tall and my husband, 6'2" tall), but you can adjust the height of your clothes line as needed.  I absolutely love my basement clothes line and it makes line drying possible even in the middle of Minnesota winters.


  1. Looks totally functional and neat, now if only I had a basement :(

    1. Yes, we are one of the lucky areas of the country I guess! There are other options for people who don't have basements. I'll be posting another article next week and discuss some alternatives for line drying.