Monday, September 1, 2014

ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens for #Eczema relief

Itchy skin is uncomfortable, but it can be downright dangerous for little babies and kids.  Our youngest was diagnosed with eczema when he was 3 months old.  We have made many lifestyle changes to help improve his skin and the biggest change has been using ScratchMeNot flip mittens.  We discovered ScratchMeNot in April and have fallen in love with the products.  The mittens allow our toddler to sleep comfortably (without scratching) and that means Mom and Dad can rest too. Read our review of the ScratchMeNot sleeves here.  When ScratchMeNot contacted me about their new body suit, I was really excited to try it.  The ScratchMeNot Body is made with organic cotton, has no itchy tags, and is made with high-quality fabric that is made to last. Here are some pictures of the new Body and the traditional ScratchMeNot sleeves in the new Royal Rain color.

The body suit is generously sized and it fits more "true to size."  Baby E is wearing the 12-18 months body suit and he is 17 months old.

Mittens closed, skin protected.

Bodysuit fits comfortably over a cloth diaper!  Little guy loves how cozy the body suit is.

The ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves are also available in the Royal Rain color!  I love this color, but there are some other great colors and fabrics to pick from. The sleeves go on like a shrug and are difficult for baby to remove.  You can put the shrug under baby's T-shirt to make it more difficult for him to take off.

Another available color: Fuchsia Sunshine. Image courtesy of ScratchMeNot

ScratchMeNot provided the Body Suit and Sleeves for the purpose of photography and review.  These opinions are our own and we were not required to publish a review.

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