Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grovia My Choice Trainer Thoughts and Updates

We purchased the Grovia My Choice (aff link) cloth training pants for our daughter after they were released in 2012.  These trainers are touted as being able to fit a child size 18lbs-35lbs.  If you have a larger child or an older child, you can purchasing a larger side flex panel (sold separately) that will accommodate a child sized 3T-5T (30+ Lbs.).  Additional side flex panels are available for about $3.99.  We've been using these trainers for a few years and I wanted to share our experiences with the training pants.

While Grovia Trainers are a one-size cloth trainer, they are not adjustable enough to fit every child.  The trainers are advertised as being able to fit an 18lb child.  Perhaps a chunky 18lb child would fit into the trainer with no issues, but getting a good fit on a slender 18lb may be a problem.  We purchased the trainers to fit our 22lb 19-month-old, and they were too big.  We ended up having to set the trainers aside for two more months until our daughter had filled out enough to use them.  On the other hand, they fit our 18-month-old son (25lbs) with no issues. Grovia could easily make sizing more versatile by adding a second row of snaps to size the rise of the diaper, thereby making it possible to achieve a tighter fit around the legs. Once our daughter grew into the trainers, they fit very nicely and we didn't have any problems with leaks.

The Grovia Trainers have two very flexible side panels that allow a child to pull the trainers up and down.  The side panels are very stretchy and comfortable for an active toddler.  The fabric of these trainers is designed to feel more like underwear; the fabric is soft and comfortable on skin.  The trainers have very minimal bulk, which makes them a wonderful choice for an older child who is preparing to transition to underwear.

Absorbency/Ability to Contain
The Grovia Trainers have medium absorbency.  There is an absorbent hemp layer sewn into the trainer, which is enough to catch some bigger toddler-sized accidents.  If you have a heavy wetter, or were planning to use this trainer for overnight or naps, you would need to add extra absorbency into the pocket of the trainer.  It is easy to unsnap and stuff the pocket of the trainer with additional absorbent inserts to bring the absorbency up.  The pocket of this trainer is smaller so you can't stuff it with too much, but I have been adding one large BumGenius insert to give the trainer a high amount of absorbency.

The craftsmanship of these trainers is very good. I had some concerns about the durability of the side-flex panels because they are made with smaller elastic that I worried could become stretched-out and loose over time.  The benefit to these side flex panels is that they will probably "grow" with your child and stay comfortable as they begin to stretch with your child's growth.  So far we haven't noticed any stretching in our side flex panels and we are now using the diapers on a second child.

Dry-time for line drying
We are used to pocket diapers with removable inserts, so the dry time on a pocket trainer with sewn-in absorbency was a huge adjustment for us.  These trainers took about twice as long to dry as a traditional pocket diaper, so plan ahead to line dry, or dry them on low in the dryer.

The Grovia My Choice Trainers are adorable!  Grovia advertises various colors of side flex panels that give your child a "choice" of what color they want.  This idea was really appealing to me because it gives toddlers a choice of colors and gets them involved in decision-making (which helps distract from and prevent tantrums).  We purchased some of the trainers in "Cloud" which is a dark gray color and "Vanilla", which is a lighter cream color (shown in this post).  We also purchased additional blue, and green side flex panels to add some color.  I personally like the colored side flex panels better on the Vanilla trainers.  The Cloud trainers seem a bit odd with the colored panels, but the grey alone was very stylish.

Even though we had to wait a bit to start using these trainers, I am incredibly satisfied with the function and versatility of the trainer. I'm glad we opted for a one-size option that will last for months and through multiple children!  Is anyone else using Grovia's "My Choice" Trainers?  What are your thoughts?

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