Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kawaii Baby Diapers: nice price, but are they legit?

My sister-in-law (SIL) is just starting her cloth diapering adventure, and we were discussing her new cloth diapers at a recent family gathering.  She has purchased a variety of different brands of cloth diapers and gotten some deep discounts by buying them used.  One of the brands she purchased is Kawaii baby diapers (aff link).  These are a one-size pocket style diaper with fleece lining.  The diapers snap to adjust the rise of the diaper and are one-size to fit babies from 8 to 36 pounds. Kawaii baby diapers cost $10.95 for a diaper shell plus two inserts.

My only critique of the design is that the fabric on the front of the diaper doesn't lay as nicely as some other brands with similar designs.  However, think these are functionally great diapers that offer some wonderful features for a great price. I love the cute patterns and colors available with the Kawaii baby diapers.  My SIL says she really enjoys picking out fun colors at each diaper change and likes to show off the diapers during outings!

Because these diapers are less expensive, some people have questioned if Kawaii are "China Cheapies" or inexpensive diapers made unethically (and possibly without safety oversight) in China.  Kawaii diapers are not "China Cheapies" because they are designed in Canada and made ethically overseas.  Kelly's Closet doesn't sell any unethically made diapers, so that also is a good cue that these diapers are reputable.  The reviews on Kelly's Closet are also pretty positive.

Have you tried KaWaii Cloth Diapers? 

Kelly's Closet Link is an affiliate link.


  1. I bought them and we're waiting for the baby to arrive before we can try them. We got 12 extra soft and they're among the softest diapers I've purchased. The quality is at times inconsistent, one diaper's snaps are almost impossible to close and the tags came unraveling, but I'm in general very satisfied. They don't compare to my applecheeks, for instance, but for the price the quality is great and I really like that they're truing to keep it as ethical as possible.

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