Monday, November 24, 2014

BeginAgain Toys #Review: Eco-friendly toys for kids of all ages

Just in time for holiday shopping, Green Team Distribution is now supplying BeginAgain toys and games!  We just learned about BeginAgain, but we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of toys available for different ages.  All these toys are eco-friendly, educational, and lots of fun!  

BeginAgain has a great selection of toys for the little ones in their "Beginner" collection.

Green Team Distribution gave us the opportunity to learn more about BeginAgain by trying a toy from the "Inventor" series. Before the toy arrived, I was already thrilled about the idea of customizing my child's learning by selecting to enrich her inner Artist, Hero, Inventor, Writer, or Sportster. There are different toys and games for kids of all interests and these categories help parents and gift-givers easily pinpoint the perfect item.

We received a dinosaur puzzle to investigate and my 4.5-year-old daughter was immediately ready to "dig-in."

This particular puzzle is intended for ages 5+ and I agree that younger kids will find this too challenging.  My daughter is almost five and she will enjoy this puzzle for many years.  There were some complicated aspects to the puzzle that make it suitable for older kids. First, it's two-sided and it's easy for a younger child to get frustrated unless he has the patience to try different things.  Second, the puzzle pieces are different thicknesses for the dinosaur and the background--different strategies are used to interlock the pieces depending on the thickness
Thicker pieces for the dinosaur add challenge--pieces interlock by finding the match and sliding the pieces together.
Back side of the puzzle
Front side of the puzzle--in packaging

Besides the cognitive and fine motor skills involved in matching the pieces and correctly fitting them together, there is a lot going on with this puzzle and a lot to talk about. My daughter loves dinosaurs.  She is always interested in learning the scientific name of the dinosaur and I love that the name is printed on the puzzle.  We started by working on the puzzle of the "cute" dinosaur and then flipped the pieces over to learn about his bones.  My daughter exclaimed "Now he's extinct!" We talked about the different bones and how we should start with the bones in his neck and then look for his "rib cage" bones. We had a great time working on the puzzle together, but she required quite a bit of help from me. She did figure out that if she flipped the completed puzzle out of the box, then she could carefully lift pieces from the reverse side and was able to assemble it back into the box without help.  Eventually, she will be able to mix up the pieces and put the puzzle together on her own.  I appreciated seeing her creativity and problem solving skills while we worked together.
BeginAgain offers so many fun toys and I can't wait to see these showing up at our favorite, eco-friendly retailers! You can find the products shown here on BeginAgain's website and learn more about what makes these toys really special.

Green Team Distribution provided the puzzle for the purpose of this review.  We were under no obligation to post a review and this review is our honest opinion about the product.


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