Friday, November 14, 2014

Hipoglos Diaper Rash Ointment #review

One of the many adventures of motherhood involves finding the correct diaper ointment that works for your child. I have tried different diaper rash ointments in the past 9 months and was excited for the opportunity to review Hipoglos. For more than 60 years, babies in Latin America have enjoyed this premium diaper rash ointment. 

I have found that not all diaper ointments are created equal and the ones that contain zinc oxide work the best on bad diaper rashes. Hipoglos is a unique formulation containing both zinc oxide and lanolin, which form a protective layer against diaper irritation. Hipoglos is already trusted by millions and not only helps treat diaper rash, but also helps prevent future skin irritation. It also protects chafed skin while helping to seal out wetness.

Hiploglos also contains several inactive ingredients including Cod Liver Oil (vitamins A and D), Petrolatum, and Talc, all of which help heal and protect irritated skin. I first used the ointment to treat an early stage diaper rash. I noticed significant improvement of skin irritation about three hours later and with just one diaper change. Hipoglos helped heal fast and gave my baby relief from the very first use. 

The ointment is thick allowing for a smooth application and easy wiping off. Because Hipoglos is so dense, it remained on the skin where it needed to be and was not smeared all over the diaper like other creams. Another benefit is that you only need to apply a dab of ointment so a tube of Hipoglos will go a long way. 

Because of its ingredients, Hipoglos is not safe for cloth diapers and is best used with a diaper liner or disposable insert. If the cream gets on the diaper, a dab of Dawn should take care of the problem. 

Babies will often develop a diaper rash and how your treat it is important. For over 60 years Hipoglos Diaper Rash Ointment has been passed on from generation to generation. Hipoglos is a trusted brand in Latin America and it has become a favorite in our household. For these reasons I can recommend Hipoglos to help heal diaper rashes fast and protect skin from future irritation. This is the best diaper ointment that you can purchase without a prescription. 

For more information about Hipoglos, please visit the Hipoglos website. Hipoglos is now available at (aff. link) and participating Walgreens, and local stores. 

Hipoglos provided sample ointments for the purpose of this review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and the opinions expressed here are based on my experience using the product. Amazon Links are affiliate links.

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