Monday, November 3, 2014

My journey with #clothdiapers: a story of non-brand loyalty

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper my kids even before I was planning to have a baby. Cloth diapers aren’t just a new trend. Both my husband and I were cloth diapered as babies and we knew we wanted the same for our kids. I never wanted to run out of diapers and financially, cloth made sense. Because we would use cloth diapers, we would produce less waste and that’s always good for the environment.

As a new mom-to-be, I remember how overwhelming it was researching information about cloth diapers while navigating car seat, cosleepers, strollers and other selections. I recall multiple conversations with other cloth diapering parents regarding brands and styles. The one suggestion everyone unanimously agreed upon was to not settle for a brand until I had a chance to test the diapers on my baby. What works for one baby might not work for yours. But what about style? At the time, most of my cloth diapering mainly owned pocket diapers and I was beginning to favor the style as well. With this in mind, I set to purchase cloth diapers for my baby. 

You never forget your first cloth diaper purchase. Mine was a WAHM Nightmare Before Christmas pocket diaper and I absolutely loved the print. I still remember the excitement when I opened my very first Fluff Mail and held that one-of-a kind diaper in my hands. I soon bought three pocket diapers of different brands after I had the opportunity to check them out at the local Baby Show. Imagine my surprise when I received even more cloth diapers as gifts from family and friends (thanks Nissa). My due date was just around the corner and I was worried that my little stash would not be enough. So far, I had a few pockets, two hybrids, and one all-in-one. Definitely not enough to even get me through one day of diapering a newborn. The Econobum Full Kit (aff link) included three covers and 12 prefold diapers and arrived with just enough time to be prepared before my due date. 

Shortly after my daughter was born we discovered she was allergic to disposables, just like her momma. I reluctantly began our cloth diaper journey four days after she was born. There I was, a first-time mom who was still trying to figure out what to do with a tiny baby, and I was trying to adjust the gigantic prefold on a newborn. It didn’t matter how many times I read instructions and practiced diapering a plush toy, cloth diapering is scary the first time. As time went by I became braver and moved on to flats and covers. Around 8 weeks I ventured out and bought a preloved diaper lot from a mom that decided cloth was not working for her. The lot included newborns and small prefolds and covers of different brands. What happened to the pocket diapers with cute prints? Well, it turns out that the pocket diapers I had were too big on my 6 lb 11 oz newborn. Flats with a cover fit her the best as I could fold the flat diaper around her to prevent any leaks. 

My daughter is currently 8 months old and cloth diaper journey is just starting. I’m definitely grateful that I began with a conservative amount of diapers and did not commit to buying a big stash of diapers from just one brand. Part of the adventure of cloth diapering is discovering the perfect brand and stle for you and your little one. Today, our cloth diaper stash is a mix of brands and although I’m giving preference to Flip covers and BumGenius Elementals (aff links), I do use the other brands equally. For some reason I thought I would love pocket diapers but, as it turns out, I’m more of a prefold and flat diapers mom. I’m slowly building my stash with diapers that make sense and works for us. 

How about you, are you brand loyal? 

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