Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baby Mum-Mum rice teething biscuits and snacks #review

Delicious and addicting are good adjectives that describe Baby Mum-Mums. I first learned about Mum-Mums from other moms in my birth group. Mum-Mums seemed very popular among the babies and I decided to give them a try. The Original Mum-Mums were a definite hit at our house and have become a favorite snack for my daughter. I am thrilled for the opportunity to formally review the different varieties of Baby Mum-Mums.
 Mum-Mums are primarily made from Japonica rice, sugar, skim milk powder and salt. Other ingredients can vary depending on the flavors, which ranging from original to vegetable, banana, apple and carrot. Even better, USDA-certified Organic Baby Mum-Mums are also available in Original and Carrot flavors. These biscuits contain no artificial flavor or coloring, no preservatives, and are gluten, wheat, egg, and peanut free. These biscuits are a great alternative for babies with allergies.

Baby Mum-Mums are specially created for teething babies and those who are just beginning solid foods. These rice biscuits dissolve easily in the baby’s mouth without making a mess. I personally loved not having to clean up after my baby ate a Mum-Mum. Each box includes 12 individually-wrapped packs with 2 biscuits, which are perfect for travel. I usually carry one or two packages in our diaper bag so my daughter can always have a snack ready.

Mum-Mums are lightly sweetened and oven baked. They truly do taste great! My 10-month old is always excited when she sees a package and cannot wait to wrap her little hand around the crispy rice biscuit. I can honestly say that Baby Mum-Mums are my daughter’s favorite snack and she has yet to turn any away. A healthy and mess-free snack also keeps mom happy.

As my baby grows I will most likely stick with this tried and true brand and transition her to Toddler and Snack Mum-Mums. 

McFadden/Gavender Advertising, Inc. provided an assortment of Baby Mum-Mums for the purpose of this review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and the opinions expressed here are based on my experience using the products.

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