Monday, December 15, 2014

New Molly’s Suds Whitener #Review

We have been using Molly’s Suds products for several years.  When the new whitener came out this fall, I was eager to give it a try.  One of the down sides to using natural detergents is that they don’t contain the optical brighteners that artificially whiten clothes.  Most mainstream detergents contain optical brighteners, which is good for keeping white clothes blindingly white, but potentially bad for those with sensitive skin.  Since our son has eczema, we don’t use anything that could cause additional irritation. The one product we hadn’t gotten rid of was an oxygen-based whitener.  It seemed to be working well, but there were times when that wasn’t enough to remove stains. There were some toddler-stained shirts that couldn’t even be helped with liquid bleach. 

I had a particularly gross pair of baby carrier teething pads—the ones you use to cover the baby carrier straps and prevent drool-stains—and I didn’t want to wash those with a mainstream oxygen whitener.  I also didn’t want to bleach them because they are 100% organic cotton and may have been damaged from the harsh chemicals.  This was the perfect test for the Molly’s Suds whitener.  Per the directions, I soaked the teething pads in the whitener for about 2 hours. They were very badly stained, but after soaking and washing them with our usual laundry, they looked almost new!  There was only a light stain from where our dark brown baby carrier straps had rubbed and transferred color onto the white pads.  While the whitening effect was pretty neat, I’m usually not organized enough to do a lot of soaking:  it’s something I reserve for very dirty laundry.  You can also add the whitener right to your regular laundry to help remove stains and get a detergent boost. However, if you have a badly stained article of clothing then it’s probably worth it to try soaking it first and then washing it.  As with most stains, if you don't treat them first, they are harder to remove later.
I was also impressed with Molly’s Suds Whitener’s effect on odor removal.  I had a pair of nice bed sheets sheets that had been misplaced during our move in 2010.  My husband had packed them into an old drum set (yeah, that perplexed me too) and they weren’t discovered until 8 months after our move.  They were my favorite pair of sheets, but they smelled musty after being trapped inside a drum.  I had already washed the sheets many times and with many different products in an attempt to get the smell out, but I was to the point of reserving the sheets for painting projects. I decided to give them one last shot: I soaked and washed them in hot water with two scoops of Molly’s Suds whitener.  Finally!  The odor was eliminated and I am able to use the sheets again.  This was really exciting because I had exhausted all other options—or so I thought!

We had a great experience with Molly’s Suds Whitener.  I wasn’t surprised that this product worked well because we love the laundry powder and cloth diaper powder from Molly’s Suds. We also didn’t have any problems with using the Whitener on colored fabrics or fabrics of different types.  Molly’s Suds does suggest that you test the Whitener on a small portion of fabric before treating delicate fabrics, but I just skipped that step since I feel very confident with how our water and clothes have worked with the Molly’s Suds family of products.  That’s not to say it’s not worth taking the time to test expensive or delicate fabrics. 

What do you think? Are you looking for an option to naturally whiten your clothes?  
Molly's Suds provided the Whitener for the purpose of review: I was not required to publish a review or provide a positive review. I am an ambassador for Molly's Suds and occasionally receive products test and share my opinion about.

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