Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On the air with the Boba Air Baby Carrier #review

When I had my daughter I promised myself that I wouldn’t stop traveling. She was only 4 months old when she first traveled on a plane. To keep her calm and help speed the boarding process I turned to babywearing. I’ve worn my daughter since she was born and brought our trusty carrier along. While I loved having her close, I hated dealing with the bulkiness of the carrier inside the plane and whenever I wasn’t using it. Looking for a better solution for air travel, Nissa suggested the Boba Air Baby Carrier. She uses this carrier with her own children and thought its compact size would be ideal for travel. 

Made from 100% Nylon, the Boba Air is designed to look like its bulkier counterpart the Boba 4G, but without the extra padding. The carrier design allows the child to remain in a seated position as recommended by the International Hip Displasia Institute. Closer inspection reveals an attached hood that came in handy while my baby slept through the security checkpoint at the airport. I tested the Boba Air around the house and quickly familiarized myself with the carrier before embarking on our two week trip out of the country. I loved that all the straps can easily be adjusted without any help, which was essential on this trip as the first leg of the trip I would be flying solo with my daughter. The Boba Air also has convenient elastic bands to roll up the excess strap length so it doesn’t get caught somewhere. 

I was apprehensive of using this carrier at first because I honestly fail at folding maps and wasn’t sure I would be able to store it back into the pouch. To my surprise, I didn’t have to even watch the video as I effortlessly folded down and tucked the carrier into the pouch. I easily managed to do this in all 8 of our flights while wrangling a busy 10-month old. One word that describes the Boba Air Baby Carrier is convenient. This carrier was able to comfortably hold my 10-month old 18 lb. child and fold down small enough to fit in her backpack. The Boba Air can also be clipped to the backpack while not in use, which is how I stored it while on the plane and during part of our 5-hour layover at DFW. 

Because I left our regular bulky carrier at home, I used the Boba Air throughout our trip to Puerto Rico. Because this carrier is light I was able to comfortably wear my daughter in the warm climate up to temperatures in the upper 80s. She did get hot when we were roaming through a crowd in 90 degree weather but that’s to be expected with any carrier considering the circumstances. I fear she would have melted or had a heat stroke had we used a heavier carrier. I must admit, it was an advantage to be able to carry her rather than navigating the crowd with a stroller. 

When to use the Boba Air if you’re traveling: 
  • During check-in: allowed my daughter to interact with the lady at the counter while I checked-in our luggage. 
  • Through security: I kept my daughter with me at all times and did not have to remove the carrier, which made passing through security a breeze. 
  • While boarding: rather than holding my daughter and wrestling bags, I used the Boba Air to carry her to our seats and while I stored away our bag and prepared her car seat inside the plane. 
  • While disembarking: just like boarding, leaving the plane can be hectic if not for the baby carrier. 
  • Through the airport: as we walked to find our gate it was so much easier to have her in the baby carrier rather than a stroller when we were pressed for time. It also simplified the process of grabbing our suitcases as I didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on a baby in a stroller while watching for luggage on the carousel. 

If you’re planning on traveling by plane or need to alternate with a stroller, I definitely recommend the Boba Air as a convenient and comfortable carrier for your child. The lightweight material allows you to store this carrier virtually anywhere and keep in handy for on-the-go travel. 

Boba sent me the Boba Air in grey for the purpose of this review. Nissa, the Cloth Diaper Guru, is an ambassador for Boba and has previously reviewed the Boba Air. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and the opinions expressed here are based on my experience using the carrier.

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