Monday, February 16, 2015

What products do you need to start #clothdiapering?

You've decided to start cloth diapering!  Now you're wondering what you need to cloth diaper.  Here are the must haves and the optional items.

The “must haves” of cloth diapering


Obviously you will need cloth diapers (aff link), but how many do you really need?  That answer will depend on how often you want to do laundry. Realistically you want to have enough diapers so that you can wash them every other day or every third day.  For a newborn or infant, you should purchase between 24 and 36 diapers.  If you are exclusively using a diapering system that requires use of a diaper cover, you will need about 6-10 diaper covers to go with your 18-36 diapers.  When diapering an older toddler, you will only need about 18 diapers total.  If you want to do part-time cloth diapering, plan to purchase 9-10 cloth diapers and 3 covers.

*I would recommend not purchasing a lot of one variety of cloth diaper until you have tried that style of diaper and decided you like it.

Wet Bag/Pail liner:

A wet bag is a waterproof lined bag where you can store dirty diapers until laundry day.  The wet bag can get washed along with your diapers.  It’s a good idea to have two wet bags, especially for when one is in the wash.  You might consider buying two large size bags for at home, and one small size for outings.  Some people prefer to have a diaper pail and to use a washable pail liner for use at home.  Either option is great.

Cloth diaper safe detergent:

When laundering cloth diapers, you need to use a detergent that is free from fabric softeners and perfumes that could cause build-up on diapers.  Build-up can eventually cause diapers to repel liquid or retain odor.  For detergent ratings for use with cloth diapers visit this site.

Optional items:


Reusable cloth wipes are a great alternative to disposable ones, and a stock of about 24 wipes should be enough.  You don’t have to use a wipe at every diaper change, but it’s good to have extras on hand.


A micro-fleece  (aff link) or disposable cloth diaper liner is a thin piece of fabric or paper product that you lay inside your cloth diaper.  These liners are especially nice for when you want to use a cloth diaper safe rash cream on your child.  It’s always preferable to keep rash creams away from fleece-lined diapers even if the rash cream is listed as “cloth diaper safe”.  Liners are also useful for easy disposal of poops into the toilet.

Diaper Rash cream:

You might never need it, but you may want to have a cloth diaper safe rash cream on hand.  Regular diaper rash cream will stain cloth diapers and cause repelling issues.  You can find a list of cloth diaper safe rash creams here.

Dryer balls:

Line drying your cloth diapers is one of the best things you can do for diaper covers.  However, prefolds and fitted diapers have a tendency to get a little “crunchy” if you dry them on a line.  Dryer balls help laundry dry faster and retain softness.

Diaper sprayer:

A diaper sprayer is a spray attachment (similar to what you have on your kitchen sink) that fixes to your toilet.  You can use it to rinse off especially difficult poops into your toilet.  These are perhaps even more useful for when your child is using a potty chair and you can use it to rinse out the chair after a successful potty.

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