Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Farewell post from Cloth Diaper Guru

This post has been a long while in coming--you may have noticed that things around here have been a bit quiet!  After our Cloth Works event in 2014, I felt like we had reached our peak... yet it was beginning to be the right time to say good bye to cloth diaper blogging.  My son was potty training and in 2015 we began distributing the majority of our cloth diaper collection to friends and family.  It was a sad time for a cloth diaper blogger, but also a beautiful time because I know those diapers will continue to serve a purpose and do a great deed for our environment and those families!

You may not realize it, but Cloth Diaper Guru made an enormous impact on many lives and it was all because of our amazing readers.  Over the course of three years of blogging, Cloth Diaper Guru raised profits from affiliate sales and I am so incredibly happy to say that 100% of those profits were donated to charities that further the mission of cloth diaper awareness and supporting families in need.  In December of 2015 we made our second annual donation of $500 to Cloth Diaper Connection in Columbus Ohio--this was all due to our wonderful readers who happened to click on adds in our blog.

I keep calling this "our blog" because there were some amazing writers who contributed to this site. I started this site as a way to find connection with other parents during a difficult time in my life--after the birth of our first child.  I had no idea how isolating it could be as a new parent because we were starting a family earlier than all of our friends (at age 25!). What I wasn't expecting, was to make a whole host of new friends in the process. Thank you to our regular contributors, Agnes and Stacey, for sharing your wisdom with us and for giving us your unique perspectives on cloth diapering and parenting.  Thank you Megan, for the graphic design support and for making this website look phenomenal! I also want to thank the many blogger friends (aka #FluffyBloggers) who shared, supported, and listened!  I have to call out the amazing mentorship from Ruth of Viva Veltoro, the consistent support and re-tweets from Heather at the Parenting Patch, the general awesomeness of Polly (Sew Fatty), Suzi (Cloth Diaper Addicts), Amanda (Adventures in Mommyhood), Lindsay (Maman Loups Den), Callie (from Kelly's Closet<--aff link), Jenny (Cloth Diaper Revival), Melanie (Sunshine Praises), and the entire FluffyBloggers group.

So what's next?  Well, I'm still perusing my passions for making a difference in the community, photography, and writing! I'm continuing to blog monthly at Balm Baby and I'm looking forward to starting a new blog of my own.  My new blog is in its infancy, but I'm hoping to develop it slowly over the course of the next year.  One Story Keeper is going to be a place to casually share stories, thoughts, and informational articles without feeling pigeonholed by a specific "theme." My husband joked that my next blog should be called "Generic Blog Name" because I told him people hold you to the theme of your blog and expect posts of a certain topic! We really tried to keep Cloth Diaper Guru as "pure" as possible and focused on cloth diapers and parenting (although our guest bloggers got a bit creative at the end!) However, I don't want to be just a mom, photographer, writer, researcher, wife, etc.  I want to continue to redefine myself and challenge myself to write on a variety of topics--from professional development to parenting.

To conclude, I just want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for all the support, the fun, the memories, and the time we spent together.  I know my life was blessed because of you all and I hope we had an impact on you as well.  Cloth Diaper Guru will remain a searchable resource for you to share and peruse at your convenience.  The affiliate links will remain open and will continue to support low income families in need of a diapering solution.  Please come visit me at my new page as it gets developed and God bless!

Kindest Regards,


  1. I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished, Nissa, and I wish you all the best with your new creative outlets!

  2. Congrats on the new initiative and for all that you've accomplished!