Cloth Diaper Guru is an informational website devoted to all aspects of modern cloth diapering and eco-friendly parenting.

Cloth diapers are surging in popularity and there is a socio-economic need for an alternative to disposable diapers. One in three American families is forced to cut back on basic household necessities to afford disposable diapers. Some families are even resorting to reusing disposable diapers.  By using cloth diapers, you can diaper your child from birth through potty training for as little as $100. The style and versatility of modern cloth diapers makes them simple, easy to use, and the preferred choice of many families.

At Cloth Diaper Guru, we have a passion for spreading the word about the many benefits of cloth diapering and adopting a lifestyle that is gentle on our wallets and the environment.

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About the authors:

Blog owner: Nissa  is a medical writer and holds a PhD in the life sciences.  She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two children. Nissa was surprised by the lack of cloth diaper awareness when she decided to use cloth diapers for her first child. Her has four years of cloth diapering experience. Nissa founded Cloth Diaper Guru in 2012 in an effort to share information about cloth diapering, improve her writing, and stay sane among the chaos of parenting. 

Past Contributor: Stacy is an English major, Army wife, and mother of two girls born in 2011 and 2012. She volunteered in the cloth diaper advocacy and education field for four years as an Real Diaper Association leader, guest blogger, and Cloth for Everybum, Inc. founder. In 2015 she stepped down from these roles and became involved in the Tiny House Movement. She has traveled extensively and plans to continue traveling, homeschooling, and collecting experiences in the years to come.

Past Contributor: Agnes is a scientist by training, a free thinker by design, and a bohemian soul by nature. She is committed to pursuing the passions that inspire her while taking non-conventional approaches to accomplish a meaningful life. Visit Bohemian Nevertheless, where she documents her bohemian approach to life and methods to live a simpler and more substantial life. @SilverAntigen.

About the graphic designer:

Megan works at a small company where she specializes in logo and graphic design for screen printing.  Her personal site is Pasta Noodle Graphic Design and she is sometimes persuaded into contract work in website design, advertisements, and event graphics. Megan loves traditional art, illustration, and computer programming. In her free time, Megan studies the Korean language and she hopes to move to South Korea to pursue her passion for graphic design.  See her creative journey from Minnesota to South Korea on her "logo-a-day" blog.  Our favorite custom graphic on the Cloth Diaper Guru blog is here.

Legal stuff:
Cloth Diaper Guru authors, and affiliates cannot be held responsible for any damages that result from advice contained in this blog.  Please consult your cloth diaper manufacturer's website for specifics about caring for your brand of diapers.  Consult your doctor about any health concerns.

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