Disclosure and PR

*Note* Cloth Diaper Guru is no longer accepting offers for product reviews and sponsored giveaways. Cloth Diaper Guru bloggers will be intermittently posting content as ideas arise and the desire strikes.

Disclosure for previously published reviews and giveaways:


Cloth Diaper Guru is sometimes provided free products or services for the purposes of review.  It is our goal to provide the most accurate and non-biased review possible.  If we receive a product and cannot provide a positive review, we will contact your company to discuss our conclusions before publishing the review.  

We will not review or feature products that represent a conflict of interest. This includes (but is not limited to) infant/toddler feeding supplements, disposable products, or after-market car seat accessories.

It may take up to two months for the review to be published: time will vary depending on the type of product (books take the longest to review) and the number of currently scheduled reviews.


Unless otherwise stated, giveaway sponsors are responsible for fulfilling contest winnings.  While we make a special effort to ensure that prizes are fulfilled in a timely manner, Cloth Diaper Guru cannot be held responsible for shipping delays or unfulfilled prizes resulting from a negligent sponsor or shipping problem. Winners, please contact us by email if your prize has not been fulfilled and we will look into the matter.  Sponsors are responsible for mailing prize winnings to individual winners.  Sponsors must specify geographical limitations on entrants before giveaways are initiated.  Effective November 1st 2014, we will no longer offer Facebook "likes" as entry methods due to changing Facebook policies. Sponsors can make requests for giveaway entry methods that benefit their company; however, Cloth Diaper Guru will reject requests that are illegal, against policy, unethical, or unreasonable. Sponsors may not request email addresses from giveaway entrants--email addresses are only collected for the purpose of prize notification. 

Affiliate and Sponsored Links:

Some links contained within this site are affiliate links, and we receive a small percentage of profit from any purchase made through these sites.  Affiliate links will always be disclosed on the physical page where they are located and often indicated immediately after the link by the notation of (aff link) or (aff).  Sponsored or affiliate links are NO FOLLOW in compliance with the ethical blogging practices mandated by the federal government.

We value our readers above all else, and it is our mission to provide the most up-to-date, accurate, and useful information possible.  This page is run by working moms who love their families and love helping others. Thank you for helping us share the benefits of an eco-friendly and best for baby lifestyle.

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